This spring, our partners at Climate XChange analyzed the comprehensiveness of US Climate Alliance states’ climate action plans, compared against our Building Blocks of State Climate Policy framework.

They found:

States and policies analyzed in Climate XChange’s white paper “How do states plan to meet their climate commitments?” Credit: Climate XChange.

We’re thrilled to see the Building Blocks toolkit being put to use not only by legislators, but also groups like Climate…

Climate Cabinet Education has grown and accomplished a lot over the past few months, so we wanted to share a quick update on our work!

As you know, state and local governments must play a central role in the clean energy transition and advancing environmental justice. But these local players often don’t have the resources they need on a technical and rapidly changing issue like clean energy. And, the sheer number of local offices makes it even harder to direct support to key players.

That’s why we’re using data science and policy toolkits to identify key opportunities, coordinate action, and…

Climate Cabinet Education makes local climate change data and policy solutions actionable for key players on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Our big audacious vision is to ensure local advocates and policymakers have the resources they need to champion the clean energy transition — at scale.

The problem: Climate change is an issue that’s overwhelming, urgent, and complex. We can’t solve it with one solution, or solely in Washington DC. We need continued, sustained action at every level of government, in every year, for the next several decades. Over 500,000 people hold elected office in America, and these people…

Originally published in April 2021 on

We need to pass bold climate policy in every state in the US within the next 10 years. We don’t have time for every state to reinvent the wheel — or for every state legislator to figure out how to navigate this complex landscape on their own.

State legislatures play a critical role in advancing climate justice and the clean energy economy. But despite their importance, state legislatures don’t get the public attention or support that they deserve. Every state legislator should have a proactive climate plan at their fingertips, and they should…

Originally published March 2021 at

This March, we debuted our Texas Environmental Justice Explorer Map with our partners at Texas Rising, a social justice organization building youth power in Texas. The map is a direct-to-advocacy tool for Texans to learn about the impacts of environmental injustice in their communities, share stories, get involved, and advocate for action against the unequal impacts of pollution and climate disasters.

Texas State Rep. Erin Zwiener joined us to release the new map. Rep. …

Climate Cabinet Education

We make local climate change data and policy solutions actionable — at scale.

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